A'baht, General EtahnEdit


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    New Republic

Assigned as commander of the New Republic's Fifth Fleet because of experience leading his native Dornean Navy against Imperial forces, General Etahn A'baht had a leathery face that flushed purple and eye folds that swelled and fanned out. His flagship was the fleet carrier Intrepid, and he declared the fleet operational following the live-fire exercise Hammerblow. Defying specific orders from Leia Organa Solo to stay out of the unexplored Koornacht Cluster, he sent the survey ship Astrolabe to Doornik-1142, hoping to get good military intelligence. Yevethan forces, which had been roiling the sector and undertaking xenophobic extermination campaigns, destroyed the Astrolabe. Ambassador Nil Spaar, viceroy of the Duskhan League, declared the incident an act of aggression by the New Republic and prepared to go to war. General A'baht then led the deployment of the Fifth Fleet to the cluster and blockaded Doornik-319, where the Yevetha were mounting their forces. When the fleet came under withering attack, General A'baht was forced to withdraw. Princess Leia Organa Solo then relieved him of command and substituted her husband, Han Solo.