Scary gnore XD

^-^ the rape gnome

Gnome Facts:
  • Males indulge in pipe-smoking
  • Males think of marriage about age 200 years


  • Gnome women deck themselves out with blossoms or berry-bearing twigs for the celebrations
  • Greetings, farewells and goodnights are expressed by rubbing noses.
  • Gnomes are 7 times as strong as a man.
  • Urine can be contained for a whole day
  • Brain capacity larger than man’s.
  • Hair grays very early, baldness unknown.
  • Life-span is around 400 years. [2]
  • Not tone deaf.
  • Fingertips as sensitive as those of a blind person.
  • Fingerprints are mainly of a circular pattern.
  • Heart attacks unknown.
  • Capable of smelling 19 times better than man.
  • Sense of direction (as good as a homing pigeon)
  • ESP...(nonverbal communication over great distances)
  • Weather forecasting
  • Visit their birthday tree yearly...often live under it
  • Birth of gnomes is always twins [3]
  • Pregnancy lasts 12 months
  • Girl children are raised by their mothers and neighbor women in homely arts.


  • Boys at age 13 are taught the manly ways and taught his fathers trade
  • Boys at age 75 years are introduced to the members of the Regional Council, a few he may already know.
  • Gnomes love to dance and fine occasion to celebrate.