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From the MoviesEdit

Resting serenely atop a plunging cliff-face lined with whispy waterfalls is the immense Theed Royal Palace, the capital of Naboo. The city of Theed radiates from the palace, and it is often the terminus of grand parades. The ancient and majestic building serves as the residence of Naboo's elected sovereign, as well as the meeting place of Naboo's Royal Advisory Council. The palace is a mighty structure, with strong lines and an imposing presence, but it also decorated with delicate, ornate finishes that are testament to Naboo's sensitivity to art and culture.The palace is protected by the Naboo Palace Guard, although the trained troops rarely need to mobilize given Naboo's peaceful nature. Off to one side of the palace is a spacious hangar bay, wherein dock the sleek yellow Naboo N-1 starfighters and the Queen's gleaming Royal Starship.

A holdover from less placid times is a network of tunnels secretly connecting the palace courtyard to the waterfalls. The Naboo resistance movement, led by Queen Amidala and Captain Panaka, used these tunnels to infiltrate their own besieged palace during the Battle of Naboo.

From the Expanded UniverseEdit

Points of interest in Theed include: The Hall of Perri-Teeka, a breathtaking monument to a revered statesman; Broadbery Meadow, a secluded garden reachable only by boat; the banqueting rotunda built by the Earl of Vis, a cousin of the old king; Guido's Tower, one of the oldest structures in the city; the Parnelli Museum of Art; and Virdugo Plunge, the largest waterfall in Theed, fed by the Solleu River.

Behind the ScenesEdit

For the creation of Theed and its impressive palace, the Art Department used Moorish, Italian, Moroccan and Turkish influences to craft a romantic, retro-futuristic civilization that displays a love of peace and artistic expressio